Cătălin Frăsinescu

b. 1979, Piatra Neamț

Cătălin Frăsinescu is an actor in the permanent ensemble of the Stela Popescu Theatre, Bucharest, and has appeared in a wide variety of parts on both stage and screen. After studying under famous acting teacher Sanda Manu, he made his film début in 2000 and went on to work with leading directors, including Sergiu Nicolaescu, Şerban Marinescu, Alexandru Tocilescu, Attila Vizauer, Cătălin Naum, and Alexander Hausvater.

In 2005 he took part in the intensive workshop held by the Workcentre of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Pontedera, Italy, and in 2011 he was to arrange for the acting ensemble to appear at the Life is Beautiful festival in Bucharest.

His varied repertoire as an actor encompasses musical theatre, commedia dell’arte, and performances for children. Over the years, he has worked with numerous theatres, including the Ion Luca Caragiale National Theatre, the Ion Creangă Theatre, the Ion Dacian National Operetta and Musical Theatre, and the Tudor Vianu Theatre.

Enriching his performances by drawing on his passionate interest in percussion, the visual arts, and poetry, he continues to thrill audiences with performances given both live and online.


Cătălin Frăsinescu reads poetry by: