Alexandru Repan

b. 1940, Bucharest

Alexandru Repan studied History at the University of Bucharest (1961) and Acting at the Bucharest Institute of Dramatic and Cinemaic Art, in the class of Moni Gelehrter and Zoë Anghel (1965).

He is well known for his work as an actor at the Nottara Theatre since 1968, where he has appeared in major rôles in plays and theatrical adaptations including Crime and Punishment (Dostoevesky), Good Evening, Mr Wilde (Oscar Wilde), Rakes of the Old Court (Mateiu Caragiale), Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Matei Vișniec’s Richard III Isn’t Being Made Any More, Ionesco’s The King Dies, and Theatre Novel (Bulgakov). He has also appeared at the Small Theatre, Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest National Theatre, and Sică Alexandrescu Theatre.

Alexandru Repan has lent his unmistakeable voice to famous characters in radio theatre productions and has appeared in memorable parts in numerous feature films, including Michael the Brave, Ciprian Porumbescu, Demetrius Cantemir, The War of Independence, Horea, The Silver Mask, The Inn Among the Hills, and The White Lace Dress, which were directed by some of Romanian cinema’s leading names: Andrei Blaier, Gheorghe Vitanidis, Dan Pița, Nicolae Mărgineanu, Cristian Mungiu, Dominic Dembinski.

In 2002, for his outstanding contribution to Romanian acting, Alexandru Repan received the Order of Loyal National Service, to the rank of Chevalier.


Alexandru Repan reads poetry by: