to all those who have lent their support to “A Hand for the Poet”

A project launched and realised with the support of JTI

JTI was among the first multinationals to invest in Romania, as early as 1993 (under the name R.J. Reynolds), and is well known for supporting some of Romania’s most important cultural events: FITS, TIFF, SoNoRo, nationwide Storytelling Tours, and tours that bring classical music to small towns.

The JTI Meetings, which have become a national brand for contemporary dance, are now in their twenty-first year and lend substance to the nation’s cultural life.

JTI is also the official sponsor of the Gigi Căciuleanu Romania Dance Company, and has supported the highly successful shows OuiBaDA, D’ale noastre, Folia, FabriKa, A Minute of Dance or UFF!, L’Homme Dada, EmojiPlay, and Kiritza.

In its drive to foster inclusivity, JTI has recently become the sponsor of – online about the Romanian independent scene and A Hand for the Poet.


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