Rodica Mandache

b. 1943, Jassy

After studying at the Oltea Doamna Girls’ Lycée in Jassy, Rodica Mandache joined the acting class of Octavian Cotescu and Pop Marțian at the Ion Luca Caragiale Institute of Theatrical and Cinematic Arts in Bucharest, graduating in 1964.

A member of the Odeon Theatre company in Bucharest, Rodica Mandache has also worked with the Little Theatre, Bucharest, the Maria Filotti Theatre, Brăila, the Barbu Delavrancea National Theatre, Jassy, and the Ion Luca Caragiale National Theatre, Bucharest, in productions directed by Radu Afrim, Gelu Colceag, Alexandru Dabija, Dinu Cernescu, Dragoș Galgoțiu, and Tudor Mărăscu.

Rodica Mandache also teaches acting at the Hyperion University of the Arts and is a writer of talent, humour and charm, penning screenplays and witty articles for Jurnalul Național.

Rodica Mandache has appeared in numerous successful Romanian films, including I, You and Ovid (1977), The Good Girl from the Sky (1977), The Green Grass of Home (1978), Bucharest Residence Permit (1982), Marriage with a Rehearsal (1985), Promises (1985), Amazing Lads (1987), The Lilac Flowers Twice (1988), Blood and Chocolate (2007), and Our Second of Life (2009). She has worked with directors including Geo Saizescu, Stere Gulea, Mircea Veroiu, Virgil Calotescu, and Elisabeta Bostan. In the public memory she has never been equalled for her performance of the rôle of Doruleț in the television production of Tudor Mușatescu’s A Midwinter Night’s Dream.

She has won a number of awards, including the UNITER Prize for Best Actress in a Supporting Rôle for Adelle in joi.megaJoy by Katalin Thuroczy (2007), the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Performing Arts section of the Bucharest Municipality Art and Culture Awards (2009), the Confidențial Award for A Streetcar Named Desire (2013), Honorary Popularity Prize for her rôle in Three Generations at the Brașov International Contemporary Drama Festival (2017), and the UNITER Lifetime Achievement Award (2020).


Rodica Mandache reads poetry by: